Travel with a Purpose - India 2017, March 18-27th, 2017 with Adam Rice & Ariella Futral

Are you a yogi with an open, adventurous heart? Do you long for far away, magical destinations off the beaten path? Do you want a yoga experience that is more than just asana, but a life-changing opportunity to truly live the yogic principles of love, compassion and devotion to others? Are you ready to join us for the 'next step'...?

This is an invitation to those of you, who feel that longing.

Travel with a Purpose is about taking your yoga out into the world, not only for a deep, personal experience, but to give back and help those who need it most.
Besides intense asana practices with reknown teachers Adam Rice and Ariella Furtal, satsangs and philosophy with yogic masters, chanting and meditation, our yoga retreats will give you the opportunity to perform seva (selfless service) at one of the various charity projects we are supporting around the world.

Be a spiritual pioneer and join us for the inaugural Travel with a Purpose Retreat as we make an unforgettable pilgrimage to the sacred and mystical land of India, the birthplace of yoga and the cradle of human consciousness.

Our 10-day journey will begin in the sacred city of Rishikesh. Nestled in a forested valley along the banks of the holy Ganges river, and known as the „Gateway to the Himalayas“,  Rishikesh is the home to hundreds of ashrams, temples, and spiritual seekers, and is considered the Yoga Capital of the World.
For the first 5 days (March 18-22nd), we will practice asana, listen to satsangs by Mooji or Prem Baba, meditate by the banks of the Ganges, and practice Seva by working 2-3 hours per day with the children of the Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home in Tapovan.

For part two of our journey (March 22-27th), we will head closer to the Himalayas and take a 2-hour trip via mini-bus into the mountains of Kodiya District to Ramana’s summer camp, Ambiya Paradise Farm. Here, in addition to our daily practices, we will help till the land and plant organic crops, which are used to feed the children and for Ramana’s own organic cafe.

Prices for this 10-day retreat start at €1330, including accommodations and full board

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