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Deconstruct to Reconstruct: Workshop-Weekend mit Alexandria Crow

Datum: Fr, 24. bis So, 26. April 2020 | 5 Einheiten
Ort: Spirit Yoga Studio Mitte
Mit: Alexandria Crow

Wir freuen uns, an diesem Wochenende die amerikanische Yogalehrerin Alexandria Crow bei Spirit Yoga begrĂŒĂŸen zu dĂŒrfen. Mit ihrem frischen Blick auf Yoga, Asana und Philosophie eröffnet sie den Praktizierenden eine neue Perspektive auf die eigene Yogapraxis. In fĂŒnf Workshops in englischer Sprache behandelt sie relevante und zeitgeistige Themen, die ĂŒber viele praktische Übungen am eigenen Körper erfahrbar gemacht werden. FĂŒr Praktizierende wie Lehrende gibt sie jede Menge Inspiration fĂŒr eine eigenverantwortliche Yogapraxis.

Mehr zu Alexandria Crow und ihrer Sicht auf Yoga hier im Podcast.

Deconstruct to Reconstruct – Accessible to all & sustainable for a lifetime

Celebrate uniqueness and diversity in every class.

Spend a weekend investigating a clear and verifiable list of missing considerations affecting the accessibility, sustainability, and clarity of group asana classes and yoga practices today. These workshops will offer you researched and well thought out reasons and clear answers to what has been overlooked in yoga classes from the philosophical to the physical.

Workshop participants will be offered a clear path to follow to help them develop tools and customized solutions to these overlooked considerations allowing classes and practices to live up to the promises that yoga is for anyone and everyone who wants to participate and is a lifelong practice.

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Fr, 24. April 2020

15:00 - 18:00 | Feel here now – The Asana Lab live

Teacher’s and long time students around the world are longing for more personal practice time while in a community setting. There is a strong desire to be able to be a student again in a public class and to have the opportunity to learn by doing. A chance to be inspired so that your practice becomes your own again and so that you have the chance to grow for yourself and to offer what you learn to the students you teach. A moment to be presented with new and effective methods and techniques that allow you to deepen your direct personal experience with yoga’s philosophy while staying engaged in a physical practice that has all the qualities you love and maybe some of the qualities that you miss.

Move, explore, inquire, feel, and learn. 

* Full Practice + Brief explanation before and after as well as a Q&A that will establish a baseline for the rest of the weekend.

18:30 bis 21:30 | Yoga Philosophy in practice and action

Yoga’s philosophical teachings are the underlying purpose meant to inform how we create and utilize the physical activities such as Asana that are presented in classes today. They are meant to facilitate a direct interaction between the student and their relationship to yoga and the obstacles that can obscure it. The philosophical teachings and concepts can often be difficult to incorporate and articulate within the current popular class constructs as they can feel like an after thought or something layered on unnaturally, but they don’t have to be. This workshop will take a look at the philosophical concepts we are trying to teach at a theoretical level, how they’re being taught and what is being used to teach them within the current paradigm, and how we can rework the tools and methods of delivery so that these concepts are brought to life in an interactive form that directly and personally imparts yoga’s teaching in the group yoga classes.  

Topics to be covered:

  • A path towards facilitating classes that encourage students to directly engage with and embody Yoga’s teachings.
  • Key Concepts From The Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras
  • Application In The Current Class Context
  • Tools To Teach The Concepts Directly Instead of Layering Them On Top

*Lecture & Interactive Learning Activities

Sa, 25. April 2020

15:00 - 18:00 | The missing pieces

“I’m not flexible enough”, is one of the common barriers stated, in addition to many others, preventing people from attending yoga classes. In addition, long time yoga practitioners and teachers have sustained injuries drawing into question the sustainability of the teaching tools and techniques used in classes. The current yoga pose catalogue contains many poses that don’t accommodate for the majority of adults and are often unsustainable to current class participants. Uncovering and inspecting the missing considerations that are causing accessibility and sustainability issues is the key to solving them. By addressing these overlooked points class structures and poses can be altered and adapted so they can meet the promises that yoga is for everyone and anyone and can be a sustainable lifelong practice.

Topics to be covered:

  • Skeletal variations
  • Hypermobility
  • Biomechanics of the shoulder and pelvic girdles
  • Range of motion demands in Yoga Asana
  • A.N.S. Disregulation

*Practice + Lecture & Interactive Activities

18:30 bis 21:30 | Deconstructing Asana – Building postures with purpose

The Deconstruction process allows you to effectively calculate the current construction and physical makeup of any pose or activity offered in group class settings. In addition it illuminates the present day perception of each pose’s benefits and effects, the qualities of the pose that students currently love, and any oversights or myths that may exist in how the pose is perceived or utilized. The components of the Deconstructed Asana are then assessed for any missing considerations that cause it to be inaccessible, unsustainable, or off topic philosophically making it possible to RECONSTRUCT a more sound and inclusive alternative.

Topics to be covered:

  • Pose construction
  • Considering the pose’s purpose
  • Current priorities within the pose
  • Current cues and alignment principals

*Lecture + Mini Practices & Learning Activities

So, 26. April 2020

13:00 - 16:00 | Reconstruct & reimagine Asana classes for all

The Reconstruct & Reimagine process offers teachers and participants a clear path to develop customized poses and activities that meet the same perceived benefit and qualities of experience that students currently LOVE and expect while eliminating the accessibility and sustainability pitfalls.  Learn to construct and teach postures with a universally accessible base intention that then allows each individual to add or subtract options and alterations arriving at their own custom built shape that embodies the intended aim of the activity for them as an individual.

Topics to be covered:

Rebuilding poses & activities with universally accessible purpose
Reconfiguring the priorities within the pose
Verbalizing the intention and parameters of each activity/ pose
Learn how to build progressions & drills based on intent and personal inquiry

*Lecture + Mini Practices & Learning Activities

Datum: Fr, 24. bis So, 26. April 2020 | 5 Einheiten
Ort: Spirit Yoga Studio Mitte
Mit: Alexandria Crow

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