The Shamanic Touch – Dynamic Thai Massage

Datum: Mi, 25. bis So, 29. November 2020
Ort: Spirit Yoga Studio Charlottenburg
Mit: Krishnataki


In this course we will learn about rhythm, coordination and flow in order to have freedom in our movements and touch. Dynamic Thai massage works with both the element of fire, which is enabling us to shake off and transform stagnation, as well as the element of water, which is helping the body to tonify, increase its vitality and have more liquid flow. This is the fundamental principles of Taoism – the Yin and Yang.

This massage is a very safe and therapeutic approach to bodywork and once we understand some basic principles there are no limits as to where it can go. When we begin rocking we usually address the fact that many of us were missing that rocking, soothing touch as babies, thus it is deeply nurturing and healing for the central nervous system as a whole. This work also helps us to break the boundaries of the structural, limited mind and to feel instead of thinking , which allows us to develop our intuitive, shamanic self.  We will go deeper into understanding the body’s perpetual motion and oscillations (fundamental osteopathic principles) and how we can adjust, move and dance with another body, without getting „stuck“ in positions.

This therapeutic massage also helps to mobilize the joints and release edema (water retention)  in the body, as well as the emotions attached to them. Once we understand the rhythm of dynamic Thai massage, we can combine it with static elements of precision, stillness and presence, thus applying the Yin and Yang philosophy to the massage work, moving between static and dynamic flow. As we learn to both – give and receive – we are given the space to go deeper inside, with the guidance not only of massage but also of movement, meditation and simple self-enquiry.

Course Content (in English)

Day One: Feet and legs – Mobilization of the ankle and knee joints to increase vitality and unblock accumulated stagnant energy. Palpating and rocking the emotional energy lines for release and deep relaxation.

Day Two: Hips and pelvis – Mobilization of the hip joint. Working with balancing our sexual energy and addressing issues based around fear and insecurity.

Day Three: Spine and belly – Rocking and rolling the spine – increasing vitality in the vertebras and loosening and twisting the spine.  Working with the internal organs and digestive issues.

Day Four: Chest, diaphragm and arms – Opening the diaphragm and ribcage to increase lung capacity. Working with the heart centre to address stored emotions of grief and sadness.

Day Five: Head and neck – Loosening the neck and working with the cranio. Integration of the previous days.

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Datum: Mi, 25. bis So, 29. November 2020
Ort: Spirit Yoga Studio Charlottenburg
Mit: Krishnataki

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